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Bonahoom Builds Hosts Sava Railways Instructions

We are excited to be hosting the incredible train designs of the legendary Tony Sava here on the Bonahoom Builds website.  Tony has been a member of the LEGO fan community for what seems like forever.  His replica models are incredible works of art and engineering.  They are a great place to start if you want to build trains.  And, there is a wide variety of instruction sets already created.

If you previously were a patron at the Sava Railways shop on Bricklink, then this is what you have been looking for.

Let Tony know you are glad to have his instructions back online and available for purchase by checking the store and buying a new set of instructions to build!

Welcome aboard Tony!

Website Launched

We are excited to have our website launched and get the ball rolling!!

Thanks to the Web Design Ninja and his team for getting the website all tweaked in and ready to roll.

Please take a few minutes to check out the site.

Launching a Trophy Product Line

We provide trophies for FIRST LEGO League tournaments or any competition or event you choose.  Our trophies are oversized red bricks.  Specifically, they are 6x the normal size of a LEGO system brick.  We currently make four different trophy sizes.  A 1×1, a 1×2, a 1x2x2,  and a 1x4x2.  But, we can make any size you would like.

Because our trophies are made of LEGO bricks, they are especially cool trophies for LEGO based competitions.

Check them out on our trophy shopping page.


Bonahoom Builds Spinoff

We are excited to announce that Bonahoom Builds has spun off from Brickworld, LLC as its own separate entity. Our goal is to provide brick based fun in whatever form you need it. Chief Brick Officer, Bryan Bonahoom is “excited to change the focus of our efforts from events to builds. The possibilities for the use of bricks in marketing, education, and engagement are virtually endless. The future is very exciting.”

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